In the 1960s, Jose “Boy” Tuason had a vision for the Philippines— to empower the people to reap the benefits of its own country, and that these rewards should remain in the hands of the Filipino. With this vision, came the need to create an organization that would look after the welfare of the communities around the Philippines. And under his care, they would have a future where shelter, health, education and employment would be available to everyone.


Food, Education, Leisure, Identity, Clothing and Shelter, and Equity

In the pursuit of his vision, these were the areas Jose “Boy” Tuason deemed priority. Some time after he established Hijo Resources Corporation in 1958, he would create the social amelioration program: FELICE – each letter representing one of his seven priorities.


The story of TDFI traces back to the Boy Tuason Foundation; which was created in 1971 with FELICE in mind. Based in Manila, its first programs were to provide shelter, and medical assistance to its beneficiaries. In 2005, Boy Tuason Foundation found a new home in Mindanao, together with the Tuason-owned Hijo Resources Corporation. Here it was renamed to Tuason Development Foundation, Inc. – TDFI. The new president of the foundation—Rosanna Tuason-Fores, wondered how Mindanao – the bread-basket of the Philippines, could also be the home of the most marginalized community of fisher folk and farmers in the Philippines. - If agriculture is not the solution for social and economic development, what other opportunities are there? The answers to this question, is what TDFI has been working on for over a decade now. Initially, the foundation focused on education, awarding college scholarships to poor but deserving students in Mindanao. Today, the foundation’s updated program includes health, livelihood, environment, and education, all with sustainability and inclusive growth in mind. - True to Boy Tuason’s vision of FELICE.